Green Stars are the green-colored Stars that appear in Super Mario 3D World.

They function similarly to Star Medals from Super Mario 3D Land and share the same sound effects. Unlike Star Medals, there are courses where there are more than three Green Stars at a time. They appear in sets of one in Enemy Blockades, three in main courses, five in The Adventures of Captain Toad, or five, ten, and thirty in Mystery Houses. In Enemy Blockades the player needs to defeat all of the enemies to receive the Green Star. In main courses they are scattered around in hidden areas just like Star Medals. In the Adventures of Captain Toad the player has to complete puzzles to collect the Green Stars. In Mystery Houses, the player needs to complete one of the ten second challenges to receive one. There are 380 Green Stars in total and each of them additionally grants the player 4000 points. Some levels on the World Map require the player to have a certain number of Green Stars to play the level and advance past it.

Locked levels Edit

Bowser's Highway Showdown - 10 Green Stars

Puffprod Peaks - 15 Green Stars

Chain-Link Charge - 30 Green Stars

Lava Rock Lair - 50 Green Stars

Backstreet Bustle - 80 Green Stars

Hands-On Hall - 100 Green Stars

Bowser's Lava Lake Keep - 130 Green Stars

The Great Tower of Bowser Land - 170 Green Stars

Cosmic Cannon Cluster - 210 Green Stars

Broken Blue Bully Belt - 240 Green Stars

World Crown - 342 Green Stars