Double Cherry Pass, otherwise named World 2-5, is the fifth level in World 2 from Super Mario 3D World. This level consists of green mountains with pink grass and many colorful block hills, and introduces the Double Cherry item. It is unlocked by clearing Big Galoomba Blockade, and clearing it unlocks the world's castle level, Bowser's Bullet Bill Brigade.

Layout Edit

The first section of the level is a simple pathway containing two Galoombas. A Warp Pipe is found at the end of the section, warping Mario and his friends to a tunnel with an army of Blocksteppers. Past this tunnel lies an alley with a Fire Bro., who must be defeated in order to reveal a Warp Pipe to the Goal Pole.

Green Stars Edit

Green Star 1: Inside a crate in the first area explored.

Green Star 2: Right after the Blocksteppers, Double Mario or two players must step on two "P" panels at the same time, revealing the Green Star in front of them.

Green Star 3: Next to the Goal Pole, a platform that needs four characters standing on it to operate is found. Done it, the platform will rise to the third Green Star.

Stamp Edit

On the left corner in the colorful blocks section, a ? Block expands upward if it is hit, giving a player (or clone) who is on it access to the Stamp. The stamp is Fire Peach.

Enemies Edit



Fire Bro.